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NOTE: All programs, workshops, and classes are subject to change due to participation and weather.  A Time for You is a private, quaint space, so you will need to reserve your spot by pre-registering.

​​Inquire about adding 15 minutes of one of our special programs before or after your wellness treatments (skin or massage) to use as an introduction or to support your own home practices, relaxation techniques, breathing practices, meditation, body work, or yoga poses. 

Taking this extra time will help to deepen your sense of 

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Special Events

Meditation Classes

Mindful Meditation/Relaxation Practices - Learn how to be present by taking time for yourself (even a few minutes a day) you will fulfill a deeper connection!  Beginning with your breath and Body, learn how to be present; sitting, standing, walking.  Being guided to a gentle awareness.

4 week program ($30.00 ~ 45 minutes) Class size: Minimum 3

Partner Massage

Partner Massage - Learn easy techniques that give you confidence to share and support all the relationships in your life.

2 hour program ($40.00/couple)


Movease - Activate the body’s innate ability to release tension.  Relaxing, stress-free movement involving visualization techniques, expanding breath work, and self massage will open the body and mind.

4 week program ($40 .00 ) Class size: Minimum 3


Yin Yoga – Yin Yoga is a style of yoga poses done in a relaxed, floppy, ragdoll body.  Choose a pose, hold it for 3~5 minutes, experience the sensations of breath and body, then releasing into the pose.  This allows the energy to affect the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones and even the joints.  It also hydrates, releases and lengthens.  This is a great practice to help balance our Yang (busy) lives! 40.00 (45 min class) 4 week program

4 week program ($40.00 ~ 45 minutes) Class size: Minimum 3