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Reiki Testimonials

For 12 years, my daughters and I have taken advantage of Brenda's services for our skin and for our souls.  Recently, I've benefitted from her Reiki talents. I had heard of reiki but I really didn't know much about it. Because I trust Brenda and feel completely safe with her, I decided to give it a whirl. My goodness, what a difference it makes for my physical and mental health. I've had several sessions and will continue to see Brenda for Reiki on a regular basis. Her shop is welcoming and warm. It's as though you are walking into Good Health.  

... Laurie M. 

A Time for You Wellness

I made my first reiki appointment after dealing with months-long plantar fasciitis pain in my foot. Since I have been coming to A Time for You, I have had a significant reduction in pain and overall I feel less stressed and more centered.  Brenda has a real gift for healing and compassion. She is a genuine and caring person who is a pleasure to spend time with. She takes the time to talk to you and really listen and put you at ease before, during and after your reiki treatment. Her insight and understanding is a complement to her “hands-on” reiki treatment. I’m so glad I met Brenda. She goes above and beyond the standard reiki session and has been a real positive influence in my life.It is always wonderful to have that hour or so of peace, quiet and relaxation, but what I really love is that the peaceful feeling lasts beyond the day of my visit.

... Amoreena W. 

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About Reiki 

Reiki Jin Kei Do translates to “Reiki in the way of Wisdom and Compassion.”

This rare lineage of Usui Reiki extends from a line of Buddhist monks from the Himalayas and was discovered by Japanese Zen Buddhist Monk, Seiji Takamori.  

This a true spiritual discipline that encompasses the use of meditation, energy awareness, and self healing techniques to awaken wisdom and compassion for both self and others.  

This treatment will help to relax the physical and energetic body allowing the energy to shift and release; mind, body, and spirit!

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